Jin Fei Bao of Kunming China (Yunnan Province)


ABOVE: (left) Jin Fei Bao with his brother, Jin Fei Biao, on the summit of Mt. Everest; (middle)at his home in Kunming;
and (right) carrying the Olympic torch.

The Amazing Adventures of Jin Fei Bao

Photos from the Seven Plus Two Exhibiton

Photos of the certification of Jin Fei Bao's Olympic Stamp Collection

"Jin Fei Bao chosen as one of China's 108 Heroes for 2007."

Message and Photos from the Olympic Stamp Exhibition Opening in Kunming

Seven Plus Two Exhibition -- Website in Chinese

September 2008 -- Fei Bao Climbs Mt. Shishapangma

March 2009 -- Sahara Adventure Press Conference and Support in Beijing

April 6 to June 25, 2009 -- Eighty Days Across Africa and the Sahara Desert

July 26, 2009 -- Fei Bao's First Triathlon

January 10, 2010 -- Fei Bao Completes 25-day Trek of the Kunming/Hanoi Railroad

April, 2010 -- Yunnan/Vietnam Railroad Exhibition

January 2011 -- Seven-Country S.E. Asia Bike Trek

July 2011 -- Zheng He Stamp Exhibition (link to CNTV video)

Jin Fei Bao's Four Books -- Published October 18, 2011 (available at Xinhua Bookstores in China)

Award in Beijing at the Hall of the People -- 2011

July 2012 -- Maritime Exhibition Honoring Zheng He

2013-2014 -- Marathons & the Jordan Indurance Race